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We Believe That Premium Clothing & Sneakers Shouldn’t Be Reserved for the Privileged Few

                                                                                                                                                                     ----------UNHS MISSION

       We consign clothes from brands such as Supremе, Bapе, Chrome Heаrts, Amiri, Stone Islаnd, Kaws, Vlone and more. We have started our business since 2013 and we maintain providing our consignors with a steady flow of sales, as well as our shoppers with up to date inventory and worldwide shipping. We take a flat rate of 20% from all our consignors. What we are doing is let everyone can afford best quality hype.

1. How we start our business?


     Are you tired of watching other people wearing excessively expensive (but super dope) Clothing & Sneakers while you have to settle for more affordable and available models?

     I know I was. My income wasn’t allowing me to come anywhere near buying my dream sneakers like the Off White & Travis Scott Collaboration which costs over $4,500 USD from resellers or StockX, also a simple Box Logo hoodie that costs over a grand! However, this didn’t stops me from keeping up with the hype style and I visited Suprеme stores every week for new releases (for which most of the time too late!).

     (Yes, I am one of those fanatics who know your own sneakers better than most do)

     Nobody was surprised when I decided to get into fashion design school and take internships at major hype brands, starting off at Suprеme before working my way up into supply chains and assembly..And that’s how it all started…
     We started our business from Aliexpress and Taobao on 2013, then we built up our own website which well-known as UNHS, some customer absolutely know this if they are a royal customer of us. 
     You can still find some archive of our old website pictures from WaybackMachine, this archive picture time is NOV-10TH,2015

    There are only Suprеme, Bape sale at that time, and hype market wasn't so popular as today. But because of our great quality and good service, we got lot of customers very quickly.

2.UNHS Buyer Feedback

   We have received lot of feedbacks from our buyers during chatting, we appreciate so much support of our buyers,  here is only very small part of buyer feedback, we can't show all of them because page are limited. So if you are a new buyer just know us or this is first time to buy from us, please don't hesitate, we are legit and can be trusted. We will always try our best to give you best service!

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